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Rent Apartments and Houses in Chicoutimi Quebec

The Chicoutimi largest borough in Saguenay city, situated less than 200 kilometers from Québec City, covers a large area stretching from the north of Lac Saint-Jean to the mouth of the famed Chicoutimi. The almost 67,000 inhabitants are famous for their warmth and the ease of life. The area has a strong support system to help newcomers settle and integrate into Québec, in addition to providing a special atmosphere that mixes city conveniences with the pleasures of nature. Milk and grain production, milk and meat processing, and blueberry growing and processing are especially significant industries in Chicoutimi. A rapidly growing segment of the economy is in recreation and tourism (vacations, cultural displays, leisure sports, hunting and fishing, etc.). The Chicoutimi education network delivers widely diversified programs to university-level studies and basic education studies. The primary and secondary student community is represented by four school boards. A number of graduate and post-graduate programs are offered in the region by the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC). This is perfect for families that want to permanently settle their roots in Chicoutimi. Thinking of moving somewhere new to fit your dynamic lifestyle? Why not try houses for rent in Chicoutimi?

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