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Rent Apartments and Houses in Pembroke Ontario

Located on the magnificent Ottawa River, Pembroke is a lively 14,000-strong town known as "The Center of the Valley of Ottawa." Founded in 1858, during the early part of the 20th century, Pembroke was a booming timber town, with massive log booms rolling down the river into the nearby sawmills. There are already a number of companies linked to the forestry industry today, as well as a rising number of companies linked to the knowledge-based economy and to eco-tourism.

Pembroke is a lovely place in which to visit, work and play, renowned for its heritage murals, its passion of hockey, and its stunning natural environment! In the architecture of the historical houses, shops and churches in the downtown area, evidence of this rich heritage can be found. Most of the strong push still remains today, and between Ottawa and North Bay, Pembroke is the main regional service hub. In the downtown area, local attractions include 30 historic murals depicting the town's history, from steam engines to logging. There are more murals in Pembroke than almost any city in Canada. Houses for rent in Pembroke are for people that love history and a small lovely community.