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Rent Apartments and Houses in New Glasgow Nova Scotia

New Glasgow, located in northern Nova Scotia, is a beautiful riverside town of 9,075 inhabitants that serves as a commercial service hub for the 45,643-strong Pictou County area. Investment in education, economic growth, environmental stewardship, downtown revitalization, education, sustainability, strategic alliances and regional coordination, health and safety, innovative economy and healthier lifestyles are the main priorities of The Area. These, coupled with good core services and better connectivity, set the stage for New Glasgow's industry, climate, tourism, heritage and social resilience and development.

The place, established in 1784 by Scottish settlers, was named after Glasgow, Scotland. New Glasgow was once a vibrant shipbuilding hub and is now the region's retail service hub with competitive retail and utility, finance and technical industries. Houses for rent in New Glasgow are affordable and surrounded by an award winning sustainable green environment. Several families have moved into New Glasgow to start their live in a cozy and quiet suburban location best suited for people that enjoy a pristine landscape around them. New Glasgow is a highly productive community that has embarked on a new green energy conservation initiative, is at the fifth milestone with Canadian Climate Protection Collaborations.