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Rent Apartments and Houses in Cape Breton Nova Scotia

Cape Breton is renowned for its distinctive and vivid classical Scottish violin music that has been incubated over the years by its relative isolation-so much so that music lovers from Scotland come here to experience their own history. A violin and piano duo usually perform heartfelt dance music that can be heard across the island at community halls. The tourist-targeted early-evening concerts are well advertised; later at night you will find ones that attract the entire local population. Judique, Margaree Valley and Chéticamp are three of the most significant musical centres.

Cape Breton has a general store selling produce, assorted goods, acting as a post office, etc. Other local general stores have a rather limited range of groceries-best to stop for groceries in a larger center like Baddeck, Chéticamp, or Port Hawkesbury, but there are two Co-Op grocery stores, as well as a few independents that do a good job together. Cape Breton is a small area that has very limited houses for rent, of which are mainly used as guest houses and short-term rentals. If you’re lucky you may be able to sub-lease a house for rent in Cape Breton.