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Rent Apartments and Houses in Edmundston New Brunswick

Edmundtson is a rural community dependent on the Saint John River paper industry for its economy. Historically, the river supplied the mills with hydropower and was the destination of log drives transporting pulpwood from upstream woods. Families here are blue collar and are proud of where they come from. Houses for rent in Edmundson are for Francophone blue collar families that want to permanently establish a cozy home for themselves.

The Festival Jazz et Blues d'Edmundston (the Edmundston Jazz and Blues Festival) is held every June in Edmundson. There is a big cultural festival in Edmundson every year in August, called the Foire Brayonne. The festival is one of the largest French themed festivals held east of Quebec province in Canada. The city is 95% French-speaking, the highest number of all the towns in the province. Outside of Quebec and the Caribbean, Edmundson is the third-largest mainly Francophone community in North America, behind Clarence-Rockland, Ontario, which has a population of more than 20,000 and is 68% Francophone, and Dieppe, which has a population of 18,565 (2006 Census) and is around 80% Francophone.