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Rent Apartments and Houses in Kelowna British Columbia

While Kelowna is not all about wine, that's what it's best known for, earning it the nickname "Napa North" That is why The Annual Okanagan Wine Festival is one of the biggest events in the region. This is a perfect feature for wine lovers looking to rent homes in Kelowna. Visitors with deep pockets often frequent the wineries of the region, contributing to the establishment of several resorts, providing good short-term sub-rental opportunities for people looking to rent houses in Kelowna.

Locals enjoy their time away from work savoring nature as Kelowna lies on Okanagan Lake shore and has many beaches and a picturesque downtown district. In the summer, and to a lesser degree during the ski season, the town is crowded with part-time residents and visitors, many of whom come from Alberta to spend their oil based wealth in the lakeside area. Because of the seasonal part-time residents, it may be difficult to find a good apartment for rent in Kelowna or house for rent in Kelowna. Most home owners have their homes listed for short term rental only or have prices that only suit short term rental. House hunting for apartments for rent may need patience.