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Rent Apartments and Houses in Laval Quebec

Its inexpensive rent and proximity to Montreal are the key benefits of getting an apartment for rent in Laval. Another benefit is the abundance of outdoor activity sites around the greater Laval area. Beaches, skiing slopes and hiking trails are all available in Laval. You don't need to go far out of Laval to see splendid nature, Laval has many protected woodlands, several of which were established for exploration and hiking. Laval's housing market is comparatively modern compared to the Quebec as a whole. Most homes were constructed after 1960, roughly 85%, compared with 75% in Quebec as a whole.

Moreover, in recent years, many new developments have been constructed, with 20% of Laval’s residential homes being developed after 2001. This is great for people looking to rent houses in Laval that are more modern. Owing to the high-tech, retail, commerce, and health industries Laval’s economy has diversified in recent years. Laval also has a significant number of manufacturing firms, stone quarries, chemical labs, and a suburbs of the borough an agriculture industry. Slightly more than a fifth of Laval’s land is dedicated to farmland.