We are now providing a platform for property management companies, landlords, Realtors, moving companies etc. to advertise on our website. We provide two types of advertising options to our advertisers. All of the space available is city specific, you may run your advertising campaign for multiple cities. We provide discounts if the campaign will run in more than three cities.

Option 1 – Upgrade Listing Options

Adding new listings is always free on our website, however we do provide upgrade advertising options for each listing added by a property management company or landlord Enhancing a listing will provide the following:

  • When shown on the map, it will be marked by a special icon to make it stand out among other non-upgraded listings.
  • Homepage list will have your listing to be the top one in the list
  • When other listings near your listing are shown (based on a radius of kilometers) your listing will be shown as the first one in the "nearby listings" section
  • We send out daily alerts to our users, if your listing is included in the section of the city our user has picked to be notified in, we will put your listing in the top of the list.

You can contact us with what option you are interested in and which cities you would like to run your advertising campaign and we will provide pricing options.

Option 2 - Banner Advertising

You can either provide the banners or we can design them for our clients at a nominal cost, this option is available for:

  • Realtors
  • Moving companies
  • Property management company
  • Landlords
  • Any other advertiser

Homepage – Main page for a local city available sizes below:

  • 728x90
  • 250x90
728x90 Ad
250x90 Ad

Listing Details – When a user will be viewing details for a particular available rental, available sizes:

  • 728x90
  • 250x90
  • 300x600
728x90 Ad
250x90 Ad
300x600 Ad